Public Announcement

Who:   JOSH DIHLE, Founder/Undersecretary

When:  September 9 – October 7, 2018
                Reception for the Founder/ Undersecretary:
                Sunday, September 9, 4:00 – 7:00 P.M.

Where: 4TH Ward Project Space
                 5338 S. Kimbark Ave., Chicago, IL 60615



The Small Drawing Working Group (SDWG or “the Group”) is a collective of drawings that emerged from the muck of the Potomac River in the summer of 2015. It has five Core Objectives:

  1. Develop an inexpensive, lightweight, analog visual database.
  2. Sprout the limbs necessary to signal, strangle, and fondle brainwave activity within a single body length radius.
  3. Establish psychic contact with all relevant unseen parties[1].
  4. Extend authorial hand into rectal cavity of consciousness .
  5. Form a gridless colony of impulse, vice, frenzy, and apology that is non-hierarchical and self-sustaining.


To be very clear: SDWG members are paper and graphite and are sensitive, thoughtful individuals[2]. Members will start their meeting by sharing their respective positions on depiction, void, hunger, emergency preparedness, admission of guilt, and redaction. Meeting organizers will function solely in a support capacity, with the understanding that conversation topics are to be determined by the angularity and vulnerability of member body shapes. Members are granted absolute independence and freedom of thought. Seating will be edge-optimized, with priority given to the appearance of the overall group, as determined by organizers’ inscrutable whims.


  • Please route all inquiries directly into the Group.
  • The Group functions autonomously and without agenda.
  • SDWG is currently accepting new members. To apply, submit yourself in the form of a 12” x 9” graphite pencil drawing on paper to SDWG Undersecretary Josh Dihle at [email protected].
  • The drawings are thinking and require no external oversight or interpretation.
  • All conclusions from the SDWG will be published at the appropriate time.[3]
  • No, never make direct eye contact with the stacked mask columns.
  • Drinks and light hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

[1] Brain ghosts, child-selves, deceased family, preferred amateur pornographers, Secret Swamps and wetlands of the subconscious, past life tormentors, and hypothetical lovers

[2] Note that the porous membranes separating Members are expected to dissolve over time. SDWG will form a fluid mind that will emerge in various physical forms as convenience and/or accrued vacation days permit

[3] Be patient. SDWG shall exclude those conclusions determined to be unfit for public consumption due to excessive ethical subversion, personal heartache, or shame.